Bolt Jr+

Compact High-Speed Robot

Small High-speed Camera Robot With Extended Reach

Bolt Jr+ is a compact cinema robot that can run on either standard 10-foot rails, the new narrow-scale 6-foot rails, or in a pedestal configuration. It only requires single-phase power, and features an adjustable base that allows it to fit through standard doorways, making it very suitable for smaller sets and locations. 

Max Reach

4.59 ft / 1.4 M


9.84 ftps / 3 mps


22 lb / 10 KG


Operating Envelope
Max Height (from ground)
8.5 ft2.6m
Lowest position0 ft0 m
Maximum reach (from rotate center)4.6 ft1.4 m
Rig Performance
Arm Arc Move Max. Speed @ Camera16.4 ftps / 5 mps
Arm with Track Max. Speed @ Camera26.24 ftps / 8 mps
TrackUnlimited range of travel
Rotate+/- 190˚ range of travel
Lift+150˚/ -90˚ range of travel
Arm+157˚ / -10˚ range of travel
Pan+/- 200˚ range of travel
Tilt+/- 120˚ range of travel
Roll+/- 360˚ range of travel
Rig Weights
Bolt Jr+
318 kg (701 Ibs) + Transport wheels 50 kg (110 Ibs)
Maximum camera payload10 kg / 22 lbs
Power Connection
Power requirements1 x 200-220 VAC